Work with Alcoholism, Substance-Abuse and Addiction Recovery

More than thirty years ago a spiritual advisor captured Ron’s attention with a profound remark: “Ron,” he said with deadly earnestness, “Yesterday’s sobriety is insufficient for today.” He remembers the moment because of a truth that resonated so loudly. Today his experience would say it differently. A progressive addiction requires a progressive recovery. But what is meant by a progressive recovery?

Today when Ron tells his story of recovery, he speaks most often of the need for increasing spiritual exploration, and a deepening of the practices and principles of recovery found within the Twelve Steps. However his experiences with his own recovery and in working with countless others demonstrate that every person’s path can be different, and that some emerging or unconventional practices may be very successful. In the end, the principles of recovery are not limited.

Recovery is a launching pad, not a safe haven. Without a progressive recovery, Ron could never have known that the benefits and promises of recovery continue to unfold in greater and greater ways. They are only limited by our ability to work more deeply within ourselves.

Much of Ron’s time is now spent providing workshops and mentoring that promote forgiveness and healing. Every day Ron interacts with people through these emerging and life-affirming philosophies of forgiveness, innocence, unconditional love and emotional sobriety. Today the realization of his potential as a human being in spiritual recovery are stunning to him, an observation he offers with great humility and gratitude.


What is Progressive Recovery?

Do you feel stuck in your alcoholism or addiction recovery despite good 12 Step work and attending meetings? Does authentic emotional sobriety remain beyond your grasp? Have you lost faith the 12 Steps can solve the challenges that have emerged since you began your recovery?
Progressive Recovery is designed to bring your recovery into an experience that combines thinking with feeling – or connecting head to heart. Progressive Recovery uses the 12 Steps and the principles within them in new ways to explore, and work at a deeper level, on the subconscious and core issues which cause unwanted behaviors and limit progress. This approach brings us a greater understanding of our issues and offers practices that move us towards real relief, which will create a progressive realization of the benefits and promises of recovery.