Ron Chapman is a prolific author whose works, both fiction and non-fiction, explore the themes of innocence and forgiveness.

Latest Release: Progressive Recovery through the Twelve Steps

Emotional sobriety is the gold-standard for life and living…

Just a few weeks ago my newest book was released. Progressive Recovery through the Twelve Steps: Emotionally Sober for Life turns out to be a capstone to my life, not just as a recovering alcoholic, but as a guy who has been called to the Spirit for the whole of my life. In truth, I was surprised to discover that the book represents that calling, albeit through the lens of recovery and the twelve steps. I was also surprised by the depth of my feelings about this work and its meaning to me. The foreshadowing for that came in a blog last fall, which related “If it’s your life’s work, it will take your life.

Emotional sobriety is a gold standard for life and living.

The point is not simply emotional balance throughout our lives, but likewise to maintain a vantage point that allows us be fully available to life in any given moment.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go towards creating free recovery-based content for

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