I have engaged Ron as my own leadership coach and mentor for over a decade. He has influenced my leadership practice extensively. Ron clearly enjoys his work. He is creative and progressive, but is also pragmatic and grounded in applied practice, he’s facile in working across the workforce from experienced mid to late career professionals to emerging or aspiring leaders.
— Marcus Plescia MD MPH, Chief Medical Officer, ASTHO

Magnetic North

Every person and every organization has a Magnetic North: inner vision or guidance so powerful it can and will lead us forward to realizing our potential. Because timing, setting and circumstances are unique to every client, the creation of the way forward must be unique as well.

Ron specializes in customized approaches that identify root causes and challenges then deploys experience-based strategies proven by their effectiveness. Trademarked as Seeing True™, the core approach is proprietary and based on more than twenty-five years experience in the field. Our technique is applied in a number of organizational arenas:

• Consultative and advisory services including leadership and strategy.
• Personal and professional development through coaching and training. 
• Facilitation of retreats and workshops.
• Motivational work with individuals, teams and larger groups. 
• Organization development through assessment, team building, people and resource alignment, and process improvement.