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From Fury to Forgiveness: A Seeing True™ Workshop - Session II

Jesus said you cannot put new wine into an old wineskin.
He meant we have to let go in order to move on.

Jesus also told us we might have to forgive seventy times seven. That we might need to focus on enemies rather than friends.
And to do so before even approaching the altar.

Forgiving. The heart of the gospels.

If you're holding onto something that is causing you suffering, or blocking you off from healing, or even God Himself, this workshop is an in-depth approach to working through resentment, regret, wounds, and the self-condemnation that are holding us back spiritually. 

Here's your chance to start the New Year as a cleaner vessel.

Admission is $30 and will be collected at the door.

To RSVP for this workshop, please send an email to Cindy Cannon at with the subject line "Christ the King Workshop RSVP".